Everyday, we take a lucky group of dogs on a doggie park trip where they can run, play and socialize. We frequent area parks and trails that allow off-leash play. Our excursions last anywhere from one to two hours, not including travel time, depending on the weather and the specific group.

We provide 40 minute visits to your home, at a time you choose, to provide whatever care is required, to keep your pet safe and comfortable in your home while you are away.

Services may include walking, feeding, playing, light grooming, medicine administration, etc.  You tell us what your pet needs, and together we will tailor our visits to meet your needs. 

Think of our day care program like a small in-home child care provider, rather than a large corporately-owned day care facility.

Our program is very small, with no more than six dogs in play groups at a time. Our home is unique in that is licensed by the Rhode Island Departmenet of Environmental Management as a Boarding Kennel, and Animal Shelter and a Residence!

We are fully equipped, experienced, insured and ready to care for your dog in our home. We understand the stress, anxiety and loneliness a pet can feel when separated from his owner and strive to help your pet feel loved and secure until you return.

Our popular boarding program lets your dog become part of our family while you are away.

As the founders of a rescue group, a foster family for homeless dogs, and adoption specialists we are extremely qualified to help you choose your new companion. We have overseen over 100 adoptions, weighing applicant families against a prospective canine counterparts. Whether you plan to adopt form a rescue or shelter, or choose a puppy from a reputable and responsible breeder, we are able to evaluate potential candidates and help you make the best selection.  

If you have no idea where to start, don't worry. With your input we can assess your life style, make breed suggestions and get you pointed in the right direction.


Match Making services provided by Heather Gutshall, CPDT-KA and are billed hourly.