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Train and Stay

Intensive One-On-One Training and/or Behavior Modification Done in our RI DEM Licensed Home​

Our Train and Stay program is the fastest way to see serious results. Your dog stays with us, in our RI DEM Kennel Licensed home, where we work with him over a period of several days up to a couple of weeks.

Upon completion of a Train and Stay, dog parents are given the tools needed to set the dog up for success back in his own home. 

Some people find this program to be helpful as a "boot camp" for dogs whose behavior, for whatever reason, has gotten out of control, or for dogs entering a new setting, including newly adopted dogs.

Train and Stay starts at $175 per 24 hour period with a five-day minimum. All dogs must come for a behavioral consultation prior to being accepted into this program.

Outbound Hounds
Voted #1 Best Train & Stay
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