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If you would like to contact any of these folks directly, let us know and we can provide their contact info. The recommendations below were unsolicited but very much appreciated.

"You can't go wrong with your training when you use Heather and her methods. BOTH of my wonderful dogs have benefited from her methods and training. She trained me too!"

Caroline Valero

Coventry, RI



"My formerly incredibly fearful GSD, Shiloh went both to private training sessions with Heather and Pit C.L.A.S.S. (it's not just for pit bulls!). Before Outbound Hounds Shiloh didn't ever put her head down. She would even sleep sitting up at attention! Right now she is sound asleep in the yard, while the neighbor is hanging laundry on the clothesline. This is not something I ever thought I could give my sweet girl, and I am so grateful to Outbound Hounds for giving my dog a chance at a happy, peaceful life! THANK YOU HEATHER!!"

Jacqueline Baffoni

Providence, RI



"We love Outbound Hounds! The Board and Train service has been integral to the successful transition our fearful and reactive dog into our home.  They treat our dog like family. She thoroughly enjoys her stays which makes planning and taking business trips/vacations a breeze. I can't imagine boarding her anywhere else!"

Chrystee Stepp Governo

New Bedford, MA



"HUGE shout-out to Lilou's fantastic trainer, Heather Gutshall of Outbound Hounds. Heather pours her heart and soul into her work and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer.  We couldn't do this without her.  I couldn't be happier with all of the progress Lilou is making! I'm very, very pleased!!

Shana Mancinho

North Providence, RI



We had a series of private training sessions in our home with Outbound Hounds. Exceptionally personable, incredibly knowledgeable, and uses techniques that align with our beliefs in positive reinforcement."

Jessica Cone

Coventry, RI



"Two months ago my rescue dog Luna (pitty puppy) was too unsociable and to even come close to greeting and playing with other dogs, with the help of Heather's Pit C.L.A.S.S. training and working one-on-one with her, Luna is now able to stay calm in the presence of new dogs, is greeting other dogs properly and is very dog social! Couldn't have done it without Heather!"

​Johanna Croteau

Providence, RI

"I am so happy we found Outbound Hounds for both boarding and training. This is the only place on the Eastern Seaboard where I feel comfortable about leaving my dog - plus, he comes home dog-tired. Training is excellent - positive reinforcement is the way to go with my boy, and Outbound Hounds works with both me and my dog to give us both the tools to succeed."

Lauren Woods

Narraganset, RI

​"Heather is one of the most down to earth, true blue dog trainers we have ever met. She's very knowledgeable and committed and you can see her heart and passion truly lies with helping owners and their dogs as well as her rescue efforts. It's also not just about services rendered, its about forging a relationship and working as a team, which is something you don't see every day. We are truly lucky and truly enjoy working with Heather and are eternally thankful for all she has done. We cannot recommend Heather and Outbound Hounds enough."

Melissa Mastroni

Southbury, CT

"Signing Cody up for Outbound Hounds was one of the smartest things we ever did. It was only a few dollars more than we were paying his dog walker to take him around the block and now he goes out and plays with his "pack". He is so excited when Mark arrives to pick him up and he comes home completely tired out."

Stephanie Lambert & Taber French

Providence, RI

"Very knowledgeable trainer who uses pet-friendly training methods. [She] has helped me build my confidence by teaching me the skills needed to handle and read my highly reactive dog."

Kim Fiore

Providence, RI

"Best caretakers of dogs ever! (really) And extremely nice to people too. Highly recommended!"

Marianne & Mike Pickett

Barrington, RI

"My dog was so comfortable here, that she didn't even notice me when I picked her up.  Truly the only place I leave my pup when I go away."

Tracey Wood

Warwick, RI

"The BEST private OR group training, boarding! If you live in RI, THIS is the place to go! I don't leave my pup with anyone else!"

Casey Lavelle & Carlos Garcia

Cranston, RI


"This morning Betsy was adorably walking around with one of my socks in her mouth. I told her to 'drop it' and then 'leave it' and she did! I don't know if you all realize what a huge deal this is for her... patience and training totally pays off! Thanks to Heather Gutshall for her awesome advice, guidance, and training!"

Deanna Cassanovas

Providence, RI

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