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Remote Reactive Dog Class

Does your dog bark or lunge at dogs when out on walks? Would you like your dog to feel more comfortable around when other passing dogs? This class is for you!

We will meet weekly, via Zoom. In this remote format, we will cover equipement, foundation behaviors, how your dog learns, and the concept of changing emotional response rather than punishing behaviors. We will have time for questions and discussion on each dog's specific challenges, including work that may be needed to work backwards depending on how you dog's reactivity has been handled in the past. 

Please note that we will not have access to a group of dogs in a controlled setting as we do in our in-person class. It will be your responsibility to put the skills you learn to practice on your own. If you are considering taking our in-person reactive dog class in the future, this class is a great primer.

Five Weeks

Thursdays at 6PM

Cost:  $100 (For this first session only)

Class is offered to a limited number of students to ensure time for questions, answer, and discussion.

This is a homework-heavy class. You will receive detailed handouts on learning theory and exercises to work on during the week. Plan for at least one hour of homework each day during the full five weeks.


Session Starts:
  • Thursday, October 29, 6PM EST REGISTRATION CLOSED!

To register, please submit the $100 registration fee via Venmo or Paypal, or Contact Us to mail a check.

Reactive Dog Class is non-refundable and non-transferrable to another class or another date. Please note that this class generally runs full with a waitlist.

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