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Behavioral Assessments for Shelters and Rescues

Please contact me directly to request. The cost is $150 per hour, plus travel and any expenses.

Behavioral assessments do not guarantee the promotion of dog(s) and very rarely result in dogs joining Handsome Dan's Rescue as our mission is extremely specific. We are only able to accept medical and/or behavior dogs in our local shelters, or survivors of organized dogfighting.

I do not make life, death, or adoptability decisions. My job is to provide observations. 

In some cases, I will recommend an in-home assessment, which functions as my train and stay program. Please see the train and stay program for details. I hold a RI DEM quarantine license.

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer rescue or shelter discounts for dogs outside of Handsome Dan's Rescue programming except in the cases of ongoing cruelty cases, survivors of organized dogfighting nationwide for placement determinations, and for dogs needing assessments for use in court. 

Except in the cases of organized dogfighting, I do not assist with transfer or placement.

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