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Basic One (AKA Pit Class)

Pit Class / Basic One

Basic obedience class for dogs of any breed over 6 months of age.


Pit Class is offered free-of-charge to current shelter and foster dogs in the Handsome Dan's Rescue Foster Care and Shelter Dog Enrichment Programs. 


Saturdays at 10:30AM


Rhode Island College

600 Mount Pleasant Avenue

Providence, RI


See map directing you to the parking lot.

To register, complete the registration form and pay the $200 registration fee via VENMO or PAYPAL.

Email the completed registration form and a copy of your dog's vaccination record showing he/she is up to date on his Rabies, DHPP vaccines. You may take a photo of the form and vaccination record and attach those to your email. 

If you prefer, you can mail a check and forms to:


Outbound Hounds

21 Sunset Terrace
Cranston, RI 02905

Session Start Dates

Saturday, December 2, 2023

No class on Saturday 24th or Saturday the 30th.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

All dogs must provide proof of current vaccinations against Rabies, DHPP.

Required Supplies

  • Flat buckle or martingale collar

  • 4 foot leash

  • Body harness OR head halter, whatever you are using now. Note that we may make equipment change suggestions.

  • Soft, small, and strong-smelling training treats. Bring three times the amount you think you will need. Dogs love change, so consider three types.

  • Old sheet or blanket to lay out on the ground. This should be large enough for you and your dog to have room to sit on together

  • Mat, blanket, large towel, or flat dog bed

  • Caribener to connect the collar to the harness or head halter incase of equipment failure. 

Optional Supplies

  • Clicker

  • Water in a covered bowl

  • Waist leash (Or a belt you wear around you waist, with an additional four foot leash attached to your dog so you can work hands-free.

  • Treat pouch

  • Coat for your dog during cold or rainy weather or thundershirt

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