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Featured Trainer
Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Issue of APDT's Chronicle of the Dog
The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) is the recognized voice of the dog training profession.

RI LOCAL Magazine Dec 2012

Cover Story in The American Dog Magazine

Front Page Article  in The Providence Journal

In a well-known 2007 court case, NFL star quarterback Michael Vick was found guilty for all charges related to conducting an illegal dog-fighting ring on his premises for over five years. People were shocked. Anyone who had even a slight fondness of dogs was aghast at the cruel treatment these animals were forced to endure. Vick was sentenced to serve 23 months in prison. The trial was over. But what would happen to the 66 dogs (55 of whom were Pit Bulls) that were removed from his property?...

Pet Advisor's Animal Hero of the Month

July 2013

Our Animal Hero of the Month award winner for July is Heather Gutshall of Handsome Dan's Rescue and Outbound Hounds in Cranston, Rhode Island.


Rescuing one of the pit bull dogs seized from NFL player Michael Vick’s house in 2007 has spawned more than just a home for a dog in an unfortunate situation. Taking in ‘Handsome Dan’ ignited a passion that began years ago and is still going strong hundreds of dogs later...

Kim Zandy interviews Heather Gutshall
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