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Reactive Dog Class
Session Start Dates

Tempararily on hold.

Does your dog bark or lunge at dogs or humans while on walks? Would you like your dog to feel more comfortable around passing strangers or dogs? This class is for you!


Five Weeks

Thursdays at 6PM (due to a COVID-related location change, we will have to see how early it starts to get dark and plan class times accordingly. This may mean classes start in late afternoon. TBD)

Cost:  $275

To Audit:  $100 (training handouts included)


Rhodes on the Pawtuxet back parking lot

60 Rhodes Place, Cranston, RI 02905

Below, please find a map directing you to the parking lot.

This is a homework-heavy class. You will receive detailed handouts on learning theory and exercises to work on during the week. Plan for at least one hour of homework each day during the full five weeks.

It is suggested that you arrive early to get your dog used to the sights, sounds and smells before class begins. Your dog will be more successful if he is well exercised prior to the start of the class.

All dogs must provide proof of current vaccinations against Rabies, DHPP.


Required Supplies

  • Head Halter. Brands we recommend include Halti Optifit, New Trix Harness, Holt Head Harness, Gentle Leader Head Collar. If your dog is new to a head halter, please watch this video for help desensitizing your dog to this equipment. Your dog will need to be wearing a head halter comfortably in class unless prior arrangements have been made. Please start this process as soon as possible as the desensitization process will take time.

  • Carabiner securing collar to harness, unless your head halter has a safety clip. Otherwise, you will need two caribiners.

  • Body Harness connected to a leash attached to belt or hands-free waist leash

  • Four Foot Leather or Nylon Leash (Two total, one from the head halter to your hand, the other from the body harness to your waist.

  • Flat Buckle or Martingale Collar

  • Tons of small soft strong-smelling training treats. We will be asking your dogs to work very hard. They will need high value food for this. We recommend cut up cooked chicken, sliced hot dogs, sliced string cheese, etc. Please bring more than one form of treats as dogs love change.

  • Relaxation Mat - the size of your dog laying down, no larger

  • Light colored sheet or large blanket to lay under the mat and for you to sit on. 

  • If your vehicle is higher from the ground, SUVs or Trucks, please bring another blanket or sheet to hang from your side doors as a visual barrier. No peeking under cars!

  • Thundershirt is optional

  • Clicker is optional

Class Day!

Enter from Broad Street, pass a parking lot on your right, and a large parking lot on your left. Proceed down the hill to the large parking lot at the back right. Please stay in your car and wait in line until you are directed to your parking space by one of the trainers.

Prior to exiting your vehicle, a trainer will come to you to check that your dog's equipment is secure. 

Photo Jul 07, 1 27 05 PM.jpg

If you have not yet submitted your registration form, proof of vaccines, and/or payment. Please have those ready at this time.

Do not feed your dog breakfast on the mornings of Reactive Class. A hungry dog is a motivated dog. If your dog is higher energy, please adequately exercise him/her prior to bringing him to class. Do not bring your dog to the class parking lot prior to class and walk him at the college. We don't want to risk the dogs coming into contact with one another.


Do not take your dog out of your vehicle until his equipment has been checked by a trainer!


To register, please submit, using one of the forms below, the registration form , $275 registration fee, and and a copy of your dog's vaccination record showing he/she current on vaccinations for Rabies, DHPP, and Bordatella to: 





Reactive Dog Class is non-refundable and non-transferrable to another class or another date. Please note that this class generally runs full with a waitlist.

Or Mail Check and Forms:

Outbound Hounds

21 Sunset Terrace

Cranston, RI 02905

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